WatchDog Owners

Our customers have peace of mind, knowing WatchDog is protecting their wells – faithfully for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can’t believe the amount of information they get, at the price they are paying.

TriAxon Oil  – At WatchDog’s price it made sense to put one on every well. Jeff Saponja, President

Harvest Operations – We want our field crews to focus on safety, maintenance and prevention, environmental issues and production goals. With WatchDog we’re making better use of field personnel time, saving money and – most importantly keeping our wells running all of the time. Our crews are no longer checking wells for the sake checking wells. George Briggs, Manager of Operations

Novus Energy –  At the price, it was a no brainer to put WatchDog on our wells. Having wells down was costing us a lot of money. Now we know right away when there is a problem. Cam Stettner, Production Engineer

Kingsmere Resources Kingsmere has found the installation of “Watchdog” units on our wells has proven to be an extremely cost effective and reliable way to monitor operations. We believe we have more than paid out the cost of all the units we have installed with savings in down time and reduced work overs. Dennis Miller, Vice President, Production & Operations 

Spyglass Resources – Having installed the WatchDogs in a remote field we have been allowed a quicker response time to diagnose issues and get production back online faster. They really aid in time management and allow operations to spend their time performing their duties. Its like putting on your glasses in the morning, you can see right away instead of squinting to know what’s going on around you. Matt George, Area Foreman

TriAxon Oil If we didn’t have WatchDog on our wells, for sure we’d have hired more people by now. Ron Welsh, VP Production

Strategic Oil & Gas We were impressed by the amount of information temperature monitoring can provide us about the status of our wells. Blair Mackie, Area Foreman

Client List

Triaxon Oil Corp. Harvest Operations Corp.
kingsmere strategic
Novus Energy Inc. spyglass