What we do

Providing you with simple, easy to understand information. WatchDog checks your wells every 60 seconds. Sends data from the well site in real time if a well is down and otherwise twice daily to advise of well status.

Nothing beats WatchDog at the cost. Here’s the vital information we provide:

  • Are my pumps working?
  • Are there any leaks at the wellhead?
  • Is fluid being produced?
  • Is fluid being produced at expected levels?
  • What is the accurate run time for my wells?
  • Are my wells pumping off?

Maximize Run Time

Real-time and email alerts let you know when you have a pump down or a flow problem, allowing you to respond accordingly. No more unpleasant surprises like arriving at the sight of a high producer to find it stopped pumping sometime yesterday.

Our Run Time report allows you to get an accurate picture of how long each well has been producing for a given time period, providing a useful measurement tool and accurate numbers for proration.


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Turn Problem Finders into Problem Solvers – Managed by Exception

Simple information such as maps and reports delivered to your phone give your people all the information they need to manage wells by exception. Operators can go right to the trouble spots, saving valuable time and production.

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alarm_notification current-alarms-report

“Having installed the WatchDogs in a remote field we have been allowed a quicker response time to diagnose issues and get production back online faster. They really aid in time management and allow operations to spend their time performing their duties…….” Matt George, Area Foreman, Spyglass Resources Corp.

No more unpleasant surprises for field staff such as arriving at a field to see a high producer stopped pumping sometime yesterday.

Access well status information when it’s needed, and when it’s wanted, from a vehicle or the office.

Alerts you to problem wells helps you maintain production targets

What caused that missing production at the battery?

Field staff could fan out, check all the wells, put them on test, and do whatever is required to figure out which ones aren’t producing as planned.

Or, they could be alerted to production problems by WatchDog in real time-minimizing losses and saving hours, and sometimes days, of time spent hunting down a problem well.

No missing production, minimal time investment in problem finding.

WatchDog Pinpoints the source of missing production

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Extend Equipment Life

You can’t afford unnecessary repairs, especially on mature wells where the profit margin is razor thin. WatchDog flags wells where the pump is going but fluid is not being produced, meaning problems can be fixed when they start, not after 3 or 4 days when it’s too late to avoid damage to the pump.


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