Major New Release of Sentry Website Released

AFTI is pleased to announce that its Sentry Website has gotten a major facelift. The new Sentry features more intuitive use, faster performance, greater reliability, support for multiple browsers and mobile device support. Len Johnson, President of AFTI said "our early reviews from our customers who have tested pre-release versions of Sentry 8.0 have been extremely positive. People love that everything is right in front of them and that response time is faster. Also, where we were previously restricted to using Internet Explorer, users can now have a choice of browsers as well as use their mobile devices seamlessly. The information that Sentry provides is vital to our customers ability to know the status of their wells at all time. We are continuing to invest in Sentry to make it as powerful and intuitive as possible."

Len Johnson

Oil & Gas Well Monitoring System. Reinvented.

Simple, easy to use and low cost, AFTI's oil and gas well monitoring system removes all your concerns about flow measurement, production losses, high operating expenses and safety risks.

"More revenue, less work... safely? REALLY?"

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You want to know three things when you are monitoring wells: The pump is working, fluid is being produced and at the expected levels.

At AFTI our philosophy is simple: Keep it simple. We’ve designed our well monitoring products and information to be used at a glance:

  • Maps that provide a bird’s-eye view of well status
  • Simple list views that use colours to show you how
    your wells are doing that day and for the last two weeks
  • Results per well / per pipeline

Well monitoring the way it should be. Simply, the lowest cost, most effective and easiest way to monitor wells to increase production and make the best use of operators’ time.

Contact us to find out how to simplify your well monitoring, lower your costs and maximize your production.

John, VP Canadian Division:
"Best 1st quarter ever!"

Some of our oil wells used to lose up to 20% of their production annually because we couldn't tell if they were actually pumping oil. AFTI's well monitoring systems gives us an incredibly simple, low cost but highly effective way to carry out well monbitoring. One simple look at the map  and we can see which wells are operating properly and which are not without investing in a complicated and expensive system for each of them.

We've looked at other technology before, like the scada systems, but they weren't a viable option because of the cost. Monitoring wells has always been challenging because of the cost of manpower. Managing our wells is now a snap! With AFTI's well monitoring systems, we've got more revenue and I've got peace of mind.

Tim, Team Lead, Operations:
"Reduced overtime

For well monitoring, we used to have to rely on pressure maps which were hand drawn and out-of-date. With AFTI's well monitoring system, we can see the pressures throughout our whole field instantly! Eliminating the guesswork has allowed our guys in the field to increase production by identifying bottlenecks immediately. Tasks like swabbing and pigging are much more profitable now that we can see the results per well and per pipeline. We use AFTI's well monitoring system on a daily basis to check the status of our gathering unit.  

It's so easy to use, it's ridiculous! Monitoring wells has never been easier. Having access to the data at our fingertips, without having to send someone into the field, has reduced our costs and lowered our safety incidents.

I wish someone had invented this system a long time ago! I spent the entire weekend with my family--less work than I usually have-- something I haven't been able to do in months.

Frank, Field Superintendent:
"Less windshield time."

With AFTI’s Watch-DOG, our wintertime production losses due to freeze-ups have practically disappeared! Fighting freezing wells used to be hard--now it's easy. All we do need to do now for monitoring wells is look at the map and see which wells are in danger of freezing. My guys not only have more time because we've installed Watch-DOG on our wells, but we've reduced our costs and can work safer by eliminating unnecessary well site visits.

I don't have to send my guys out in -30 weather to hunt for a well that has stopped producing. That's a relief--to them and to me. And any time we've had a question, AFTI gets back to us right away. My field guys find Watch-DOG easy to install - no infrastructure or electricity is required. We can monitor wells without worrying about safety or costs.


Let us prove it to you with a 45-day FREE trial.

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One of the major issues facing oil and gas producers is measuring the flow from their wells. AFTI provides low-cost service for monitoring wells and measuring the flow of oil or gas through Watch-DOG, our well monitoring system.  AFTI’s system provides remote gas or oil flow measurement. With the installation of a crude oil flow meter or a natural gas flow meter, producers can know, not guess whether the well is flowing.

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