Cost Reduction

The beauty of the Virtual Well Site Tour is your people can check their wells thoroughly and safely in minutes instead of hours. See for yourself: Take a Virtual Well Site Tour.

Four essentials you need to know

WatchDog sends simple information via images, maps and reports to your field staff on their phones, so they can find a problem well within minutes of an event, or find trouble spots quickly, saving valuable time and production. A virtual well site visit improves all aspects of production; production levels, environmental, and safety.

Image Capture
Photos of from your well site a minimum of three times daily provide continuous assurance that your well is not leaking.

Stuffing Box Monitor  Stuffing Box Monitor


Temperature Sensing

Changes in flowing temperature represent changes in flow level accurately. AFTI has created sophisticated algorithms which spot changes in flow level and WatchDog measures the temperature of fluid as it passes through the tubing. WatchDog alerts producers when flow is less than expected or has stopped.


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Vibration Sensing
WatchDog measures vibration at the well site. If the equipment stops, WatchDog sends an immediate alert to the field and/or the office.

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Simple, effective, rapid payback, especially on higher flow wells.

Pressure Sensing
WatchDog’s optional pressure sensing capability provides invaluable information on tubing and/or casing pressure.


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Where is my information kept?

Secure, password protected website

All data from your fields is sent to AFTI’s K9 Website. From there, you and your field operators have the choice of viewing data on the website or receiving “push” reports several times daily at your phones, computers or tablets. K9 has sophisticated reporting capabilities that deliver a wide array of choices for viewing the status of your wells.

Your information can be kept on file for historical reviews of wells and fields.

What does my information look like?

Well status information is sent to you in easy to read, familiar formats-texts and emails-and it’s simple to understand (red indicates well down, green indicates well operating).
current-alarms-report  flowing-confidence-report  latest-pressure-report
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AFTI provides on-site installation and training, as well as  technical support.

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