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Announcing ‘Virtual Well Site Visit’ – Manage more wells without adding operators. See for yourself

In a fraction of the time and cost of the routine daily visit, WatchDog3 can reliably inform you of the status of your wells and display a visual of the leases to show that there is no environmental incidents occurring.

Instead of feeling rushed to visit every well, every day, you can easily access the status of all your wells in seconds allowing you the peace of mind to perform high quality well site visits. Now you have the time at each site to ensure that you are thoroughly checking the wells, performing all required preventative maintenance, and optimizing the wells as needed.

You will also be aware of any outages or issues occurring in the field in a timely manner meaning you can keep production up, reduce overtime, and avoid costly environmental incidents.

Faced with the current economic environment WatchDog3 provides an opportunity to increase production, prolong equipment life, and increase environmental protection.