Start saving! Safe, secure well site visits. Virtually.

Let’s stop visiting wells for the sake of visiting wells.

WatchDog constantly checks oil wells for production problems and alerts immediately, allowing your people to manage by exception. Why spend valuable time going to wells which you know are operating normally?

Worried about leaks? Our new camera feature shows the leak status of your well a minimum of 3 times per day.

Why not focus your most valuable resource – your people – on what matters? Optimize production, maintain and repair valuable production resources. Cut overtime, cut expensive \outside services.

Virtual well site visits are more effective, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Experience a virtual well site tour yourself.

Ideal for mature unmonitored wells, WatchDog is:
  • Simple – easy to use, install and read
  • Proactive – immediate alert via text and email
  • Good value – low in cost, high in information provided